DVT More of a Risk for Bowl Disease Sufferers

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Guest post by Duncan

March 2, 2010 - Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is something of a hot topic at the moment, with growing numbers of people suffering from the condition and increased awareness from airlines after elevated levels of mid-flight deaths.

New research conducted by ‘The Lancet’ in Nottingham, England has found however that those suffering from certain bowl conditions are more at risk than others. Classically, doctors have always said that the most at risk from DVT are overweight people, smokers, or those with reduced mobility. These groups are still in the high-risk category, but the research advises anyone who has been diagnosed with conditions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, to get advice about reducing the risk of DVT and ask their doctor about any medication that can help.

The Telegraph recently ran a piece giving advice from various experts about preventing DVT. Among the tips were the following suggestions:

• Avoid alcohol when flying and make sure you drink plenty of water whilst on the plane
• Special anti-DVT socks can be worn to improve lower leg circulation, both when flying and period of inactivity
• Take Pycnogenol supplement before and after flying which reduces the risk of blood clots
• Try to bring down body weight to a healthy level and reduce body fat percentage
• Keep as active as possible on flights and keep the legs moving when you are unable to get up

The reason DVT is such a concern for the government and medical bodies is that fact that death rate is very high. Around 1 in 17 people who get the condition die and many more go on to have serious health problems. DVT most often results in a blood clot forming in the extremities of the body and this can travel to the brain causing death or to the lungs, often resulting in serious breathing problems.

It is worth noting that the research regarding DVT and inflammatory bowl conditions was conducted using past and present GP records so there may be some disparity in testing methods and focus over time. However, even taking this into account The Lancet say those with bowl conditions proved to be over 4 times more likely to develop DVT and this trend far outweighs any discrepancies caused by inaccurate data.

Duncan is an internet marketer and health expert. He represents an established health spa and regularly blogs about related topics.

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