Conspiracy Nation v. The Swine Flu Vaccine

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I wanted to write an article about the paranoia around the Swine Flu Vaccine when I found this article written by Emily Gertz in H+ Magazine, and thought "what else could I add?".

Nice debunking work, Emily.

The swine flu pandemic isn’t a simple situation. But it’s straightforward enough -- a race to make enough vaccine to treat hundreds of millions of people before they’re sickened by a particularly virulent strain of flu virus, which is being spread worldwide thanks to a highly mobile global population.

Straightforward, that is, until you start looking around on the Internet, where the prospect of an H1N1 vaccine has produced some extra-strength crazy. And that’s saying something, given the tendency within American culture to believe that someone or something is out to get us — and that it’s in cahoots with all the others who are out to get us, too.

Vaccination paranoia isn’t limited to either the right or the left. "The usual photofit picture of the conspiracy theorist is an obsessive, petty-minded right-wing paranoid nut…with a dangerous tendency to single out the usual suspects as scapegoats,” wrote Peter Knight in his 2000 book, Conspiracy Culture: From Kennedy to The X-Files. “[H]owever, the images and rhetoric of conspiracy are no longer the exclusive house-style of the terminally paranoid," or about trying to rationalize the rare world-shattering event, such as the assassination of a president. Instead, Knight suggests, they’ve become expressions of “a not entirely unfounded suspicion that the normal order of things itself amounts to a conspiracy... of clandestine, conspiring forces in a world in which everything is connected."

On the Swine Flu vaccine subject, I really enjoyed Take the Shot: "Vaccines for H1N1 Swine Flu and Seasonal Flu" written by L. Stephen Coles.

Is the so-called Novel Swine Influenza A (H1N1) a fluke? Is it about to disappear from the landscape as another 'could have been' red-herring danger like the bird flu that failed to materialize? The answer to these questions is definitely 'no!' This disease has been in the headlines practically every day for the last two months. The death toll now (8/27/09) stands at over 1,799. The latest US toll now stands at 522, and you should click on the map for a current tally from the CDC by US state, to obtain the latest mortality statistics, which are going up every day. On June 11th, swine flu was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO signaled that a global pandemic of a novel influenza (H1N1) was underway by raising the Worldwide Pandemic Alert Level to Phase 6. This action was a reflection of the spread of the new H1N1 virus, not the severity of illness caused by the virus. At the time, more than 70 countries had reported cases of this infection and there were ongoing community-level outbreaks in multiple parts of the world.

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Asia 17 weeks 3 days 1 hour 11 min ago

Glad to see that you enjoy h+ magazine. I'm myself an reader of their articles.


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