Are Video Games Really That Bad For You?

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Many parents refuse to let their children sit down and play video games but for what reason? There is no way a parent should let their child play a video game for longer than a couple of hours a day but this does not mean they should stop them from playing altogether. So here is the answer to the question that parents are always using as an excuse for their kids not to play, are video games bad for you?

Well it would seem that although games can make kids fat, cause them to get addicted to them and ruin a relationship with the parents or in the parents case, cause a divorce, it would seem that on the whole, video games are very good for you!

They Can Improve Sight

Although sitting in front of television all day everyday is not going to do you any good it would seem that doing it for a few hours in a day is absolutely fine and it would seem that certain digitized images actually give the gamer some visual benefits. It allows the brain to process information a lot quicker than most people and it potentially could stop a number of ocular disorders including vision loss from aging and a lazy eye.

Put On Weight, Not A Chance

The fact is that this issue has been tackled recently with games such as Wii-Fit making an appearance and it has really helped a lot of people to understand that games can be good for you too. I do not see any harm in kicking alien butt for a few hours and then doing a bit of exercise on the Wii fitness board. I used this when it came out for a few months and I can say that from personal experience it really does work!

They Increase Hand To Eye Coordination

That’s right they do and a recent study has proved that surgeons who actually play video games three times a week are far less likely to actually make mistakes which means if you your surgeon mentions they play Gears of War a lot you can sit back and relax knowing you are in safe hands!

So although gaming has caused a lot of problems in the world, and has apparently caused a lot of people to grow up being mass murderers, it would certainly seem they are doing more good than harm so feel free to play them to your heart’s content!

Ryan is a keen internet marketer working for a company that deal with asset management software and enjoys playing video games on regular occasions.

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