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Twitting Your Path To Enlightenment

Being king of a graphomaniac, the 140 characters allowed by Twitter to express my thoughts seemed at first very frustrating.

When you are used to write long articles without paying any attention to the lenght, starting with Twitter requires a radical change in your writing style.

Wanting to learn from the bests, I starting looking at authors who were famous for their laconic and straight-forward writing styles.

After investigating aphorisms, haikus and other short writing styles, I found a mind blowing concept in the Japanese Zen tradition: the Koan.

Koans are generally questions or statements that are not accessible to rational understanding, but are supposed to trigger enlightenment.

On Twitter, a typical koan would look like:

Zen_Rookie If I haven't anything in my mind, what shall I do?

Zen_Master Throw it out.

Zen_Rookie But if I haven't anything, how can I throw it out?

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The Shift : A Movie Being Made by a Movement

THE SHIFT movie raises awareness to the story of our roles in an evolutionary shift in our collective consciousness.

A massive worldwide phenomenon is in progress, offering seeds of great hope for the future.

At least, it is what they say on their website

Looks like they are raising money to finish the movie. If you like the preview...well, you know what you have to do.

I did some research on Google and found that this trailer exists since at least 2007, meaning that they were not really successfull in raising money.

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St Patrick Day : Thousands Expected For Dublin Parade

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are expected to throng the streets of Dublin today for the annual St Patrick’s Day parade.

The two-hour spectacle will see street theatre troupes, artists, giant puppetry, dancers and marching bands from Ireland and further afield weave the 2.5km route across the capital.

The parade, made up of around 2,000 performers and over 900 marching band members, gets underway at noon from Parnell Square North and is the highlight of the capital’s six-day St Patrick’s weekend festival.

And in a special move to mark the GAA’s 125th anniversary, the four All-Ireland winning captains will be lining out as joint Grand Marshals.

Tyrone Football captain Brian Dooher, Kilkenny Hurling’s Henry Shefflin, Cork footballer Angela Walsh and Cathriona Foley of the Cork Camogie squad were selected to lead the massive march.

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Arundhati Roy : "I Don't Like Slumdog Millionaire"

The night before the Oscars, in India, we were re-enacting the last few scenes of Slumdog Millionaire. The ones in which vast crowds of people – poor people – who have nothing to do with the game show, gather in the thousands in their slums and shanty towns to see if Jamal Malik will win. Oh, and he did. He did. So now everyone, including the Congress Party, is taking credit for the Oscars that the film won!

The party claims that instead of India Shining it has presided over India 'Achieving'. Achieving what? In the case of Slumdog, India's greatest contribution, certainly our political parties’ greatest contribution is providing an authentic, magnificent backdrop of epic poverty, brutality and violence for an Oscar-winning film to be shot in. So now that too has become an achievement? Something to be celebrated? Something for us all to feel good about? Honestly, it's beyond farce.

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Mardi Gras : The Feast Before The Fast

"Mardi Gras" means "Fat Tuesday."

Traditionally, it is the last day for Catholics to indulge—and often overindulge—before Ash Wednesday starts the sober weeks of fasting that come with Lent. Formally known as Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras has long been a time of extravagant fun for European Christians. In fact, some people think Mardi Gras celebrations have their source in the wild springtime orgies of the ancient Romans.

In the United States, Mardi Gras draws millions of fun-seekers to New Orleans every year. Mardi Gras has been celebrated in New Orleans on a grand scale, with masked balls and colorful parades, since French settlers arrived in the early 1700s. Hidden behind masks, people behaved so raucously that for decades in the early 19th century masks were deemed illegal in that party-loving city.

Masks, Music, and Mayhem

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Helen Hunt's 60-Second Oscar Gig

Oscar winner Helen Hunt will get some primetime exposure at this year's Academy Awards, but you won't see her on the screen. The actress is turning the spotlight on the inspirational story of Lisa Nigro, a former police officer who began helping the homeless by serving them coffee and sandwiches, and later went on to found the Inspiration Cafe.

Hunt has directed a 60-second commercial that will air during the Oscars, highlighting the inspiring story.

Hunt previously stepped behind the camera for Then She Found Me which she also co-wrote. Off-screen, the actress/director has managed to stay below the Hollywood radar and get caught up in her real-life role as mother to her young daughter, Makena Lei.

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Oscars backstage: Kate Winslet hugs, Sean Penn on Mickey Rourke

While the Academy Awards ceremony was full of musical numbers, visual innovations, and new ways of presenting old categories, the backstage press room was the regular mix of foreign tongues, tears, awkward moments and long-winded behind-the-scenes winners. Here are the highlights.

Most Poised: Heath Ledger's Family

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Sean Penn outdoes himself to earn the Oscar

With Sean Penn, there is forever the sense that he has demons of his own to beat back before he can slip underneath the skin of whatever character is awaiting dissection on the table in front of him. The knives are always at the ready, the guns loaded, the enemy awaits.

And so it felt with "Milk" that there were wounds that he needed to suffer through first to excavate the soul of the slain San Francisco politician and gay-rights activist Harvey Milk.

It was a transformative journey, and Penn took all of us along with him, from the grit of a subway hookup to the emerging idealism of the martyr he was to become.

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And The Winner Is....Slumdog Millionaire

That's a surprise to nobody, Slumdog Millionaire by director Danny Boyle won 8 Oscars at the 2009 Academy Awards.

Best Achievement in Cinematography :
Anthony Dod Mantle

Best Achievement in Directing:
Danny Boyle

Best Achievement in Editing :
Chris Dickens

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score :
A.R. Rahman

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song :
A.R. Rahman (music)
Sampooran Singh Gulzar (lyrics)
For the song "Jai Ho".

Best Achievement in Sound :
Ian Tapp
Richard Pryke
Resul Pookutty

Best Motion Picture of the Year :
Christian Colson

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published :

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Rourke’s Wrestler, Winslet’s Nazi Guard Favored to Win Oscars

This year’s Oscar telecast will feature a new host (Hugh Jackman), a new format (cozier, shorter) and, almost certainly, a bunch of new winners.

None of the favorites for the five biggest individual awards on Feb. 22 has ever won an Oscar: Mickey Rourke (actor), Kate Winslet (actress), Heath Ledger (supporting actor), Penelope Cruz (supporting actress) and Danny Boyle (director). Winslet has been nominated six times, as many as the other four combined.

One other historical note: If Ledger wins, he’ll become only the second actor to win a posthumous Oscar. The first was Peter Finch, for 1976’s “Network.”

Here are my fearless, though not necessarily accurate, predictions:

Best Picture

Nominees: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Frost/Nixon,” “Milk,” “The Reader,” “Slumdog Millionaire.”

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