Which Sport will be “Driven” into the future?

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The title may be a bit of a giveaway in this post, however when you start to look into this topic, I believe that one sport stands out among the rest as an ever advancing sport. Currently it is one of the most popular sports in the world, capable of creating stars from ordinary people. There are going to be many of you that disagree with me, but try to be patient and hear me out.

OK you have probably sussed that the sport I am talking about is Golf. Now Soccer and Football might seem like the two that are going to thrive as the years go on, but none will grow as the Golfing world will. Golf is the only sport in the world, where land is planning on being “created” specifically for a course. Now this article may suggest that this “island” is being put into production for the benefit of the Maldivian government, but please explain to me why this has several golf courses on top of it?

Several of these islands around the world are being considered for production, and more so, not just as hotels, but as golf courses. The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai has been built on a man made beach. Guess what else has been placed on this artificial beach as well (a golf course). Golf courses are springing up all over the world, and are biggest in the USA. As we all know the sports culture in the USA is vast and wide spread, and very intense, sport is a thriving activity in the USA and Golf is being pushed just as hard as any other.

I put a question to you, how many countries play Ice Hockey, American Football or Rugby. The two most dominating sports across the world are Soccer and Tennis, by far receiving the most supporters and the most countries taking part. However Golf isn’t all that far off either. Golf is played in almost every country around the Globe, and is ever increasing in popularity, unlike Soccer and Tennis; Golf can be played alone and anywhere.

The demand for more golf courses is growing, and from what can be seen it is even going to create more land for itself, something no other sport has ever done.

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