Twitting Your Path To Enlightenment

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Being king of a graphomaniac, the 140 characters allowed by Twitter to express my thoughts seemed at first very frustrating.

When you are used to write long articles without paying any attention to the lenght, starting with Twitter requires a radical change in your writing style.

Wanting to learn from the bests, I starting looking at authors who were famous for their laconic and straight-forward writing styles.

After investigating aphorisms, haikus and other short writing styles, I found a mind blowing concept in the Japanese Zen tradition: the Koan.

Koans are generally questions or statements that are not accessible to rational understanding, but are supposed to trigger enlightenment.

On Twitter, a typical koan would look like:

Zen_Rookie If I haven't anything in my mind, what shall I do?

Zen_Master Throw it out.

Zen_Rookie But if I haven't anything, how can I throw it out?

Zen_Master Well, then carry it out.

Zen_Rookie What is the meaning of the ancestral teacher coming from the west

Zen_Master The cypress tree in front of the hall

Does not make much sense, does it?

Well, now look at a typical Twitter page:

stejulesIs Making Friends Social Engineering? http://ow.ly/1ig

jamesendeacott i remember you naked over there...especially from the back

Dave Malby Morning Twitterland! Playing Steely Dan by request from @itsmanning on music station @DJDaveM

NewsBreaking News On A powerful explosion has rocked the Special Branch of Police Department in Islamabad; smoke rising; casualties feared - GEO News

Jason Pollock TWITTER TIP: USE http://www.wefollow.com EVERYDAY! It's free, u don't give it your pswd, and its HUGE resource 2ALL tweeters. Please RT!

Wayne Mansfield Laugh a Day: If it weren’t for the last minute nothing would get done. see more of life at http://is.gd/hexi24 minutes ago from web

Julie Vazquez OMG!!! OWIE!!!! My entire right leg fell asleep all the way to my hip. ACK...I can't move !

Does it make more sense to you? Is it accessible to your rational understanding or theoritical knowledge?

Well, reading Twitter messages is like having access to a random koans generator: you might well be twitting your path to enlightenment!

I have to leave you for now, the doctor is telling me that I forgot to take my pills, again.

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