The 6 Most Likely Ways the World Will Come to an End (According to YOU)

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I did a small survey earlier this week to see what sort of ideas you had about how the world was going to come to a spectacular demise! Listed below are the ideas of people that I asked and a probability rating next to each one with a snappy image; happy reading!

  1. Number 1 one our list, is incidentally the most popular idea, WWIII. No surprises here and no prizes for guessing this would be the top one. World War 3 is probably the most likely, for the world to come to a crackling end. With tensions between countries ever growing and never really improving, the chance of one government getting trigger happy with even a single nuclear bomb, in this day and age will cause mass Nuclear Fallout. Although WWIII is not how the world will end, it is the consequence of this campaign that will rain destruction across the planet. The actual way the world is likely to end as a result of WWIII will be through Nuclear Fallout (as previously mentioned). Nuclear Fallout is where mass nuclear explosions shroud the planet in ash creating a thick cloudy shield from the sun. Inevitably this will bring plant life to the end of life and of course radiation around the planet along with the Nuclear Destruction will extinguish a lot of life. This is quite a lengthy way to go; something I would like to mention is that this technically isn’t the end of the world – just the end of life!

  2. The Sun Exploding ! OK this one covers a couple of areas including Implosions, Expanding and Extinguishing. But let’s start with the first; our Sun is growing, to be precise expanding. As it gets larger it will reach a point where it will explode, or Implode. There are some serious problems with this for us (DERRR!!) but there are also some leading up to this event. As the sun expands it will be “getting closer” to our planet, temperatures will rise and a point will come where the ozone layer is burnt away and the entire planet scorched over (much like Mercury). If this happens, there isn’t much we can do about this either, it is the end, no hope at all (Grim). There is some course to believe that the Sun could extinguish instead of expanding to explosive capacities. For what ever reason this is, keeping it alight could be a bit difficult, seeing as it is the most powerful energy source in the solar system. Some films have speculated that if this happened it could be kept alight by firing a nuclear device into it (Sunshine), which is highly improbable. This is however the one imminent thing to happen on this list guaranteed, it may be quite a while, but it will definitely happen at some point.

  3. This next one is a big one, and it would have to be in order to destroy the planet. You lot have chosen an Asteroid as your second choice, which I suppose makes a lot of sense. Now the only problem is that Asteroids don’t come round all that often, and they have a lot of “space” to roam around in. Importantly to note is that we (Humans) as a race are relatively smart, so who is to say that we won’t have a way to “deflect” or push these things off course. Anyway, let’s say we don’t, it wouldn’t really need to be massive to wipe us from the face of the earth. In order for it to completely destroy the earth the Asteroid would need to be of ridiculous proportion. Something about the size of a small town would completely destroy all life on earth, with exception to a few bacteria and maybe a cockroach or two. Something smaller, say about the size of a house would wipe out a small country, all depending about how fast it is travelling and its location of impact. Your average asteroid is going to be travelling at around 30,000 mph as it hits the earth’s surface, and one about a mile wide would cause as much damage as a MILLION megaton bomb. The one the size of a house would do about the same sort of damage that the first nuclear bomb used against an enemy did in Hiroshima. Something that people do dwell on is which would be worse, “if it hit land or water”. If it hit land then that’s it, Game Over, all life would perish. Things wouldn’t be much better if it hit the sea, but the “Explosion” might be dampened and the dust cloud reduced (so the sun wouldn’t be blocked out), however tidal waves taller than the tallest buildings in the world would be generated, so surviving this would be tricky, food afterwards would also be a little tricky!

  4. This next one surprised me a little, because it suddenly occurred to me that some of you must have actually done some research. Although many of you chose different ways of conveying this, it all comes under the same sort of area. Super Volcano Eruptions are one of your favourite choices in this collection. This one came 3rd and was one of your choices, not mine. So I included this one in my final production of this article because it had quite a few requests. Anyway what is a Super Volcano? Basically one of these monsters is a volcano that explodes with a force 1000 times greater than your average historic eruptions. A Super Volcano occurs when magma approaches the top of the surface of the earth and can’t break through, and then it builds up to massive sizes. The Magma keeps on collecting up until the crust of the earth can no longer control the pressure and explodes outwards sending magma and ash miles into the air and over 200 miles in every direction. The Volcano itself isn’t likely to destroy all life on earth, but it is an event powerful enough to trigger a climate change worldwide possibly even starting an ice age, which would mean the extinction of most species. There are at least 6 known Super Volcanoes in the world, the most popular situated in Yellowstone National Park! This is something we would be able to do nothing about, unless we could find a way to “bleed” the earth so to release the pressure slowly instead of in one massive reaction.

  5. This last one is a Super Virus. Not really going to cause any harm to the planet itself but would wipe out the human race. This is highly speculative, but becoming increasingly possible. Although this didn’t receive many votes from you guys it should be one to consider. This one could happen at any moment, and is more than likely to happen than the rest. Swine Flu was a good taste of pandemic, and sent the world into frenzy. All it would take is for one strain of something really nasty to come out and there be no way to defend against it. Some diseases and viruses can spread ridiculously fast and without warning, so combating them could be quite difficult. The only argument against this is that there is bound to be someone immune to it, 6 billion people cant all be vulnerable to exactly to the same thing!

  6. The World Stopping Spinning is another interesting one that came up, but probably because recent films like “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Incidentally this film had nothing to do with the world stopping but another called “The Core” did. Simply speaking the Earth is driven by an engine at its core surrounding a big ball of iron in the middle. The superheated “Plasma” at the centre spins round the ball of iron creating a turning motion and magnetic waves (protecting us from solar winds).

One that wasn’t added was the chance of resources running out, which also proved to be relatively popular but also cause a lot of argument among people. I just thought I would put it in here for those that wondered! However are we now just going to wait around and see, or is there anything we can do about any of these?

Marcus travels around the world with a Sharm El Sheikh holidays holidays tour operator, looking into deep ideas like this one is a passion that allows him to create discussions around the world.

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