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Collectable dolls have long been highly desirable pieces, whether just a single doll or a large collection. They are unique pieces made with intricate designs and craftsmanship; many of these dolls are so special that they leave us wanting more. However, some of us don’t know where to put our lifelike dolls once we buy them; so what is the best way to display these dolls whilst keeping them safe?

When we spend money on our gorgeous dolls, we don’t want them to end up on the floor or picked up by the wrong hands, so finding somewhere secure for them is essential. But at the same time, creating a balance where we can enjoy our dolls is important too. We don’t want to hide them away in a locked cupboard where they are hidden from our eyes!

Display shelf
The first option is to have a special shelf for your doll collection. This gives you the opportunity to display your dolls as high up or low down as you please, probably depending on whether you have children or grandchildren running around. With a shelf, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your dolls will only be handled with care and under supervision. For the best effect, place the shelf in a room where you often relax, such as your bedroom or living room; you will be able to look over and enjoy them whenever you like.

Special furniture
One of the great features of lifelike dolls is that they range in age, from newborns upwards. You can grab the age theme by the horns and create their perch with this in mind. For example, newborns can be put in miniature cribs, whilst the older dolls can be placed in minute versions of rocking chairs and armchairs, or even on pillows and beds. Of course, it is best to take into consideration the proximity of these display types to the floor, especially if you have children or pets.

Doll care
Now you’ve decided where to display your dolls, you should probably also consider where not to, as damage can occur to them without human touch. It is not advisable to place your collectable dolls near sources of:

  • Direct sunlight; this can affect the colour of your doll and its clothing

  • Naked flames

  • Smoke or strong odours

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