Micro Pig: Would I Need To Stop Eating Bacon?

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For the past year the latest celebrity pet craze has evolved beyond those awful handbag dogs into something much cuter.  I have to say it: Micro pigs are so cute! I've always wanted to have a pig for a pet but thought they are too big for a flat, but the micro pig, or 'teacup pig', is smaller than a cat so it's just perfect.

Micro pigs (teacup pigs)

Well so I thought - until a friend said «so when you have a little pig for a pet are you going to stop eating pork?»


WHAT??? Stop eating pork? No more sausages and bacon? Surely I didn't have to do that? But after some thought, it did sound quite sick to have a cute tiny little creature as a pet and then eat its cousins. If you think about it humans have always avoided getting attached to the animals they ate and have had as pets the ones they didn't want to eat. But what if the reason we don't eat cats and dogs is because we got attached to them? Does that mean if I got a micro pig after a while I would naturally go off eating pork? Is it only when we are attached to animals that we can't eat them? I mean say for example you couldn't just go to the supermarket and buy packaged bacon or readymade sausages or pork chops beautifully cut, cleaned and ready for the frying pan? Let's say the only way you could eat pork is if you bought a live one, had to slaughter it, skin it, cut it up and clean out its guts? How many of us can honestly say we would then choose to eat meat?


But on the other hand how many of us have had to rely on our ability to catch and kill our meat for survival? There is a reason why humans started eating meat and that is because our body can absorb the proteins and minerals found in meat a lot quicker than it can vegetables and beans. And a good thing it was that our ancestors realised the benefits of meat since otherwise we would still be on all fours and climbing trees. Of course some people argue that the fact that our stomachs can't digest raw meat is proof that we should be vegetarians. Well surely the fact that humans learned how to make fire and cook meat, in other words the power of our mind in evolutionary terms puts us at the top of the food chain?

I am an animal lover and great believer in animal rights. In fact I was a vegetarian for six years, not because I think we shouldn't eat animals but because I disagree with the ill treatment of animals before we eat them.


So I have come to the conclusion that I can have a Micro pig and still eat pork, as long as I only eat organic free range pork that I know the origins of and can make sure has had a good and healthy life. I would of course never eat my micro pig no matter how hungry I got!


Now I just need to win the lottery because I've also realised that those things are ridiculously expensive, I mean so expensive only bloody Hollywood stars can afford them. Crap!!


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Theodora is an actor, photographer and blogger who struggles daily between her contradictions of loving animals and eating meat. She is currently obsessed with make up (but would never consider putting lipstick on a pig, micro or otherwise).

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