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This is a “ quick start guide “ for help you choose DSLR camera.
If you want to know what is DSLR you can read
SLR Cameras – knowing a Single Lens Reflex part:1 and part:2 from http://rebeldigitalslr.com

Ok Let’s starts question 1 why DSLR.

1. The key advantage of digital SLR cameras: they are faster than compact camera.There’s never a delay when you want to capture that photo of a lifetime.

2.You can choose or change Lens that suite your style or your work.

3.Digital SLRs are able to take photos when there’s little available light because of a feature called ISO: it makes the digital sensor more sensitive to light. The advantage of digital SLR cameras when it comes to ISO is that even at high ISO settings they produce very little noise.

That is 3 major reason that asked you

More for complete 4 part:

1. DSLR Guide 1: Why DSLR camera.

2. DSLR Guide2:How to choose your DSLR.

3. DSLR Guide3: Find your camera

4. DSLR Guide4:Buy your DSLR

visit http://rebeldigitalslr.com for full detail.

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