Craziest Musical Instruments Worldwide

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The circumference of the world is about 40,000 kilometres and is home to over 6,000,000,000 people all around the World estimated in 2010. Out of those 6,000,000,000 probably 90% of them listen to music. Approximately 35% out of this total population might know how to play musical instruments.

Recently I went for a World tour travelling from Europe to Asia then to Africa. I saw and enjoyed listening to some different types of music and instruments that I hadn’t even heard of.

My first trip was to Asia where I came across some truly outstanding instruments. As I was travelling from the UK I met a guy in London Heathrow who told me he had made a guitar out of a cigar box and some strings. I did not believe him at first and then he showed it to me through my iPhone. He uploaded a video of him playing the cigar box guitar in YouTube, which you guys will be able to view below. He is not a bad guitar player either.


Amazing isn’t it and there is more to come.

November 21st I landed in Kathmandu. As soon as I landed I could smell the beautiful landscape of the Himalayas. I was greeted by many with flowers; as it’s their tradition. The first evening of my arrival I was taken into a live music bar in a place called Thamel, where I came across an unorthodox instrument called a “Sharinghi”. The band was playing Bob Marley songs in rock version with a twist of Sharinghi tune in it, it was unquestionably one of the most surreal things I have heard.

Photo Credit – Anne Peng (http://www.flickr.com/photos/davestamboulis/2543465789/) –
No that wasn’t the band but I bet they sound pretty good too.

My next trip was to India where I came across many other instruments, some I already knew about and some I didn’t. I knew about “Tabla” and “Harmoniums” which these days are used by many western musicians to give their music a new twist. Then came the shock, I went to Goa to enjoy the lovely beaches they have there and I heard a guy playing “leaf” yes leaf. How can someone even think about playing such an instrument, let alone think he was absolutely sensational.


Here are some other craziest instruments:

Photo credit: Sanjay Austa (http://www.flickr.com/photos/sanjayausta/2293412272/) - Instrument used for Kalbelia dance and also snake dance.

Photo credit: VelvettAngerine (http://www.flickr.com/photos/velvettangerine/2965478496/)

You will get to see some crazy things when you travel and these musical instruments were definitely the craziest instruments I have seen in my life.

Saurav is an Internet Marketer for a company that sells drum kits. He has been around the World and has enjoyed some of the craziest music and musical instruments like above.

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