Avatar VS The Hurt Locker

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Guest post by Ryan - The Oscars on Monday night was an absolute disaster for the giant blockbuster, Avatar as it was beaten to many different awards by the Hurt Locker, a reasonably low budget film that was shown in very few theatres. So how on earth did the Hurt Locker manage to effectively beat the highest grossing film of all time?

Which Is The Better Movie?

Having watched both of these movies I have to say that personally the best one has to be Avatar, it takes you into the world for the entire duration of the movie whereas to me the Hurt Locker was just a great film but it doesn’t really compare to Avatar. The Hurt Locker was made with an $11 million budget whereas Avatar had a budget way over $300 million. Iraqi war films never do well but it would seem that The Hurt Locker is the first financially successful film about Iraq since the 2003 invasion.

Sci-Fi Sucks?

Not in my opinion but in the opinion of the film guild behind the Oscars it would certainly seem that they do not have an eye for the science fiction genre. They simply do not win Oscars, if you think back to the groundbreaking Star Wars in 1977 this film was beaten by Annie Hill which cannot really compete with the George Lucas. On top of this in 1982 E.T was nominated for the best picture and this one lost out to Gandhi which was very surprising indeed. These three films including Avatar are the only three pure Sci-Fi movies to have made it to the nominations for best picture and on all three occasions they have sadly lost out.

Many people have criticised Avatar for throwing eco friendly ideas down the viewers throats but in all honesty I didn’t feel like this was the case at all. I think that compared to The Hurt Locker, Avatar managed to teach a lot of life lessons to its viewers and although Locker was an eye opener to me it just didn’t have the same effect when I left the cinema as Avatar.

The fact is that it is too late to changed what happened at the Oscars and many people will agree that James Cameron was cheated of many of the awards that night, on the other hand you cannot argue and say the Hurt Locker didn’t deserve it because it is a fantastic film.

Which one do you feel should have won, do you think it was right that the Hurt Locker won so many of the Oscars or should Avatar have come through and won?

Ryan is a keen internet marketer who represents a towels company and believes that Avatar was certainly robbed when it came to the Oscars.

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