Ancient Beads From Thailand

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Ancient beads from his private collection are now on display at "Beads and Beyond" at the National Discovery Museum.

The exhibition has wowed archaeologists and enthusiasts since its opening in December due to the diversity of the beads' origins and the periods in which they were made, which give significant clues about the history of the southern part of Thailand - a trading hub of the area known as Suvarnabhumi.

While Dr Bunchar, now 52 and secretary of the Suthee-Rattana Foundation in Nakhon Si Thammarat, insisted he was a meticulous planner, particularly when it came to his work and future, bead collecting was something that simply happened out of the blue.

"But there are plenty of reasons to explain this 'hobby'," he said.

During a recent press tour to the bead exhibition, Dr Bunchar passionately described the exhibited items, which he said belonged to the Suthee-Rattana Foundation. He stopped at a glass panel displaying a tiny, sand-coloured pendant with ancient Indian inscriptions, saying it was this very piece that triggered his interest in ancient beads some four years ago.

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