Micro Pig: Would I Need To Stop Eating Bacon?

For the past year the latest celebrity pet craze has evolved beyond those awful handbag dogs into something much cuter.  I have to say it: Micro pigs are so cute! I’ve always wanted to have a pig for a pet but thought they are too big for a flat, but the micro pig, or ‘teacup [...]

Things to remember when buying yourself a games computer!

One of the most annoying things, is buying a top of the range computer, setting you back about 1500 dollars, or 1000 pounds, only to find that it doesn’t actually play any of your newly bought games! Common problems that face people are those that usually are misconceived. First and foremost, your processor speed, it [...]

The New Home Brew

When I was a nipper my dad used to have strange white globes in the garage and airing cupboards. Murky liquids with sickly sweet smells would occasionally bubble up through twisted glass valves, elsewhere in the house corked bottles were piled up and would sometimes pop disgorging rancid fruit and vegetable experiments all over the [...]

Different Types Of Model trains

Earlier this year, James May, one of the presenters on Top Gear; travelled to the Tarka Trail in Devon to rebuild a former railway line, but in miniature model. There was clearly much interest in this project from May and volunteers of the project. The project involved a ten mile track using Hornby OO gauge [...]

Showing off your lifelike dolls

Collectable dolls have long been highly desirable pieces, whether just a single doll or a large collection. They are unique pieces made with intricate designs and craftsmanship; many of these dolls are so special that they leave us wanting more. However, some of us don’t know where to put our lifelike dolls once we buy [...]