Trends and Possibilities: Analyzing the Self-Service Kiosk Marketplace

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Self-service kiosks remain very popular because they allow companies to save money that might be needlessly spent. As technologies such as the iPad enter the marketplace, the kiosk market will continue to evolve and adapt. This article explores the future of the kiosk marketplace. Insights are provided by staff at Phoenix Kiosk.

Where is the self-service kiosk market headed?
In general, the kiosk industry has been transitioning from a relatively small group of “garage-shop” hardware manufacturers and self-service software developers to a larger group of specialized solution providers typically focused on one industry or a few industries. These industries include healthcare Kiosks, retail Kiosks, education Kiosks and many others.

Specialization generally benefits larger, established industries due to the fact it makes higher quality, highly functional products available to those industries. In turn, this opens up opportunities for smaller kiosk providers in smaller, developing industries and niche markets.

VARs (value-added resellers) have become increasingly common. Established software companies are focusing some of their efforts on kiosks and similar products because they’re finding new revenue streams. It’s fairly cost-effective for them to develop add-ons to their existing applications that exploit self-service technology.

Where will kiosks become prevalent in the future?

Now, most people are not only familiar with self-service technology, they are comfortable with it. Our younger generations have essentially grown up in the age of technology and they welcome new innovations and efficiencies.

Right now, we are living in a period of incredible change with regard to how technology will affect self-service applications, including kiosks. In fact, tablet-like products such as the iPad are going to redefine what we consider to be a “kiosk.”’ View the iPad Kiosk write-up here for more info on this.

Floor standing kiosks like the ones we see at the airport and at the bank will remain, but the iPad means that smaller applications that provide many of the same functions of larger kiosks will become ubiquitous in the mid-term.

Consumers can expect a trend where iPad-based products become mainstays on retail floors in attended areas. For example, in just about any store at your local mall, you may see a catalog look-up product that a customer can interact with at the customer service desk. These products will inventory every item that is available to the consumer – in that store and perhaps any store. The attendant would simply be there to help on an as-needed basis, and to make sure things don’t get vandalized or stolen. The check-out process will also become more self-service-centered.

Outdoor self-service is still very pricey, but we will see kiosks become more pervasive in places such as national parks, zoos and amusement parks (for example, at a pay-per-launch boat ramp at a small public lake). Outdoor self-service makes sense in situations where employees can’t stay for long periods of time due to high or low temperatures, inclement weather, etc. As new innovations such as solar energy and lower power requirements on kiosk hardware develop, we will see kiosks in all sorts of out-of-the-way applications.

In short, the kiosk industry is expanding, but at the same time it is evolving in new directions. Kiosks may not always look the same, but in the long run they save money and enhance customer service. These are two things that companies will always want to achieve.

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