The Ultimate Collection of Wine Glasses through History

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There are many differing types of wine racks and wine glasses available in the wine accessories marketplace but you may not be so knowledgeable about the history of these wine glasses. Wine glasses have been around for a very long time there continues to be more and more designs and styles produced for these essential kitchen accessories.

The was a philosopher in the very early years after the death of Jesus that would write about the extravagant wineware made from silver or gold and how it transitioned into wine accessories being made from glass. The price of these glasses was massive and cost nearly the same as the previous wine glasses made from gold and silver.

History tells us that it was the sixteenth century in which wine glasses started to be customized with personal engravings. In fact they were still using enamel wineware in the fifteenth century and there are pieces from Europe that still survive to this day!

As we progressed into the sixteenth century the English were creating diamond studded wine glasses. Then in the eighteenth century it became the fashion to have wine glasses with heavily customized stems.

Wine glasses sold in packs were common in the nineteenth century and these sets were also aimed at the spirits marketplace.

Riedel is now a world famous manufacturer of quality glassware and it was this company that expanded the wineware industry by producing different wine glasses for nearly all the different types of wine available. This happened in the mid twentieth century and revolutionized the wine tasting industry, as now each wine glass was tailored to the particular wine thus getting the most flavor and aroma from the wine making it more enjoyable to drink.

Of course these wine glasses were created for the drinking and consumption of wine although they are used for some more creative things in the food and drink industry. One of these alternative uses includes using wine glasses to serve appetizers at dinner parties.

When wine tasting there are two basic styles of wine glasses used. The first is a long thin stemmed glass used for tasting white wine and the other usually a shorter but much larger glassed used for red wine tasting. This should also be accompanied by a standard glass used for people who drink water while they taste wine.

Wineware is now an ever increasing point of interest for those interested in wine and with every expanding styles and ranges of wine glasses this is only set to continue.

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