Moving home - hire a van and do it yourself!

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The DIY route for house or flat moving is not for the faint of heart, but if you have a reasonable amount of furniture and a small flat or apartment, it can be perfect. The best method I have found is to hire a van, grab some friends (bribery of a beer or two later often works) and off you go – hopefully saving yourself a bit of cash in the process.

Before you go down this route, there are some questions and answers about van hire and the associated legal that may be worth a look at, and that you may not have thought about. It is worth noting that van hire is considerably different from van leasing, which is a much longer-term arrangement involving finance and commitment.

DIY or Professional

• Let’s face it, the only reason why someone would want the hassle of moving themselves - with all the stress and effort is the cost - and if it is summer, the potential tan! There is big money to be saved, but as I mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to call in a favour from a friend or friends to get the job done that much quicker. One thing to try to remember is to enjoy the experience, and stay focused on the fact that you are embarking on a new chapter of your life. A new home should be a new start!

• If you plan to exchange and complete contracts on both new and old properties simultaneously, try to ensure that you can load your van and transport all of your belongings in one move. You may have this notion that it will be possible to travel back and forth, bringing extra loads each time. You have to be aware that this is a bad idea because you are not entitled to unload your van until you have completed on the contract and have the keys in your possession. Most completion times are usually around lunch time, but sometimes it can be nearer to 4pm. If you haven’t emptied your old property, you may find the new owners unloading into a place that is not completely empty. Are they likely to be happy with this situation? I think not! Best advice is to make sure you have all of your belongings loaded on your hire van, and are ready to depart around lunch time – this will see you on-track in most cases.

• It is important to know how much money it will cost you in essential extras like diesel, packing material (usually thrown in for free by removal firms!) and time off work. You may have to factor extra costs in like a nice pizza for you and your helpers, which if timed correctly, would a great way to lift sagging morale. Supermarkets used to allow people to take cardboard boxes, but this is less common nowadays, and in any case, they are usually too flimsy for the job. It may be necessary to buy some decent packing material in a range of sizes, which are strong enough to carry books, cds and other heavy household objects. A good place to visit online would be www.helpineedboxes.co.uk, a company who carry a good stock of competitively priced packing boxes.

• You may wish to consider whether there is adequate insurance in case of accidental damage during the removal process. It could be your television that is dropped, or maybe your new carpets that become marked or damaged. It is worth checking your household contents insurance to see if you are covered. Sometimes the protection is only valid when a professional company has been responsible for the packing of your contents.

• Finally, are you sure that you are physically fit enough to do the job? It is tough work – as a student many years ago – I had a summer job with a removal company that used to ferry army families from Germany to bases in the UK. Until I had experienced this job, I had no idea what ‘real’ physical work could be like. After my first day on the job, my arms ached so much I couldn’t even pick up a glass of water at the end of the day! But this said, I thought the job was fantastic, and gave and gave me a great sense of achievement.

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