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If you already have a resume, you're 90% done. Now get your
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Profile Blaster is a quick and easy way to connect with recruiters
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* It's Quick. You can have your resume and profile blasted out to hundreds of recruiting professionals in the next few minutes.

* It's Easy. If you already have a resume created, you're 90% done. Upload your resume and create your basic career profile, select your geographies and tell us what roles interest you. We'll do the rest.

* It Works. The job market isbecoming increasingly competitive. Don't wait for the recruiting pros to find you. We'll get your resume in the hands of the recruiters that focus on your geography and specific niche.

* It's all about who you know. Knowledge is power. We'll send you a complete list of all the recruiters that we included in your resume and profile distribution so you can follow up.

We make it simple to connect with the recruiters that are most
important to you. Simply upload your resume and complete a basic profile,
select your areas of interest and we'll do the rest. Within minutes
we'll send out customized emails to all the recruiters in your
selected geographies that specialize in your niche.

Fast and simple.
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