1.66 Million Toyota Cars Recalled

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The world’s largest car maker Toyota has just released a statement announcing that some 1.66 million cars around the world need to be recalled and repaired because there are safety concerns regarding the brakes and engines.

This is not the first time Toyota has recalled their cars – within the past twelve months Toyota has already had to recall 10 million cars due to safety concerns. In an attempt to combat fears, Toyota stressed that the problems that have prompted this latest recall have not caused any accidents as of yet.

According to Toyota, the repair should only take around three hours and will be free.

Fifty percent of the cars being recalled are in the United States. In the United Kingdom 17,500 Toyota Lexus cars need to be recalled. Toyota said that the recalls would be performed in conjunction with the Department of Transport in the United Kingdom in order to streamline the process of contacting affected car owners.

One reason Toyota is issuing a recall is because they fear that the brake fluid could leak. This would result in less braking power, potentially causing an accident. Although Toyota says that it is unlikely that the fluid would leak, if it did, the brake fluid warning light would go off and the brakes would continue to work for two hundred more miles. The other reason for this recall is due to the concern that the fuel pump and engine might stop without warning due to a fault. Also, some cars in Japan and China are being recalled due to separate problems regarding rusting brakes.

People have been complaining about Toyota’s safety record for a while now. In 2008, a class action lawsuit was filed against Toyota in the United States. This lawsuit alleges that Toyota had known about particular problems with their cars for several years and received complaints, but still neglected to recall their cars, resulting in 100 deaths in the United States.

Much of the negative backlash against this latest recall results from Toyota not taking initial complaints seriously, says Paul Newton, an automotive analyst from IHS Global Insight. Plenty of other companies have issued safety recalls in the past, but the problem with Toyota was that they were originally dismissive of complaints. Newton also claims that another reason for the negative publicity is that most car companies recall cars on a regional basis, which results in less media coverage. However, Toyota has chosen to announce a global recall, which is a far more provocative piece of news.

Guest blog by Ryan Embly.
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