GK first Aid proffering High quality First Aid Training London

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GK first Aid proffering high quality first Aid Training London and is one of the finest approaches also available in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield with the First Aid Training London. Onsite and offsite training courses are also delivered according to the needs.

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In our search and by word-of-mouth referral we came to know and appreciate the expertise, experience and dedication of Michele Carelse, a Clinical Psychologist. In addition to her clinical training, Michele also has years of experience in the use of natural remedies and has been prescribing them as treatment in her practice for many years, with thousands of satisfied clients.

Using up-to-date pharmaceutical methods, NR, together with Michele Carelse, bring to you the richness of herbal healing tradition in modern form.

Manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards, each complex and herbal remedy has been specially formulated in therapeutic dosages to safely and effectively treat a range of conditions, all our herbal remedy products have been used by thousands of satisfied clients - just read our Testimonials.

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