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It has been a continuous tradition in a family regardless of race to anticipate for a child’s first birthday. In some countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, there is a belief that once a baby is given an abundant first natal day celebration, that baby would have a prosperous living in the future. The gift given is also perceived to have big effects on the development of the child.
These superstitious beliefs may not have scientific explanations but it suggests one particular thing, that every first birthday should be celebrated and be given special considerations. One way of showing appreciation to the existence of the child is by giving Baby gifts but sometimes this thing becomes ineffective for the reason that it cannot serve its function. How will you be able to give a gift that the baby will surely be benefited?

What do you expect the baby to be in the future, though not supported by studies, it is notable that people reflects some of the attitudes that they have shown when they were still a baby. This shows how it is important to establish something good in the mindset of the baby.

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