8 Cheap and Free Apps for International Travel

Smart phones sure do come in handy for travelling, particularly out of country travel. There are apps available for nearly everything you might want or need, and then some. Your smart phone can act as your travel guide, destination planner and entertainment source during airport layovers. You can find apps for translating languages, navigating airports, finding rest spots while car traveling, subway system info, and even guided walking tours.

Check out these apps for your next trip abroad. With all of these, use wireless internet signal whenever possible to minimize international roaming data fees.

Google Maps

Blackberry, Android, Nokia iOS, Windows Phone and S60

This app is great whether at home or abroad for checking travel conditions and for destination directions. It’s likely already installed on your device as part of the navigation app.


Android, Blackberry and some Verizon phones

Skype is one of the best, cheapest ways to stay in touch. It uses the wireless internet signal instead of piling up international calling fees. If you are taking an extended trip and want to stay connected to family and friends while travelling internationally, stay connected with Skype.

Google Translate

Android and iOS

Feel less lonely when surrounded by people who don’t speak your language. With this app, you can type or speak a complete sentence and get the translation in the language you need. It doesn’t always translate the meaning perfectly, but it still works a lot better than hand gestures!

Open Table

Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, iOS and webOS

Imagine yourself in a foreign city when hunger strikes, and no idea where to go for a meal. This app helps you find restaurants anywhere, with the ability to make reservations on the fly.



It can be a frightening feeling to be abroad and find yourself in need of medical care. Find-ER can get you to a hospital anywhere in the world. It will show the fastest route by car, bike or foot. All your medical information, such as doctor’s info and allergy info, can be stored within the app as well. Other platforms have similar apps too. Look it up.

Rick Steves’ Walks & Tours App

Mapped Tours available for iOS and Audio Tours available for Android

Tourist attractions and restaurants are only a click away (iOS only) with this handy app. Don’t want a human tour guide at your side every minute of the day? This app can guide you around Europe via audio tours.


Android and iOS

Gate Guru will help you find restaurants, shops and airport service options. It’s also handy for long layovers in between flight connections; keeps you from hauling your luggage all over the airport.

Currency Converter

Android and iOS

Don’t want to be taken for a ride by the locals? This app will help you determine if you are getting a good price for your purchases. It has exchange rates for over 180 countries.

The apps on the above list might not be available with your phone service, but you can search for similar apps for your particular smart phone. Nearly all these apps are free of charge, and those that aren’t are very low cost.

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