8 Apps To Help A Busy Journalist

If you’re a budding journalist, getting stories ahead of the competition can often require keeping unpredictable and very busy schedules.  You need to be mobile and organised and  Android devices and iPhones are extremely handy tools when it comes to  managing all your tasks (and they contain some pretty useful gadgetry, too.) Here are some great apps to go with your handheld workstation, to help you get that story!

Note Everything

This app has some excellent features to help you make notes about… well, everything! Notes can be created using text, voice and drawings, and in conjunction with Outlook memos. This app is a great blend of simplicity and functionality.

Smart Task Planner

Got a busy schedule? This app is a powerful tool for arranging your to-do lists in the most efficient way, to help you get things done. Simply create tasks, set up reminders, prioritise them with colour-coding, and filter them as necessary, to make sense of them all.

TapeMachine Recorder

As a journalist or otherwise, taking down what people say can be absolutely crucial. In the old days, one method of doing this was the handy tape recorder. This app updates that tool for your iPhone, and features powerful editing capabilities, too!


The social network for professionals has it very own app to help you connect with contacts, which is allimportant in the world of public relations and journalism. The app also allows you to keep up to speed with industry developments and learn about companies which you may meet with.


Microsoft Outlook has become an invaluable office tool for its ability to coordinate emails, contacts databases and calendars. If your company uses Outlook, consider getting this app, which lets you do all the above while on the move, using your iPhone etc.

Documents to Go

Many corporate documents are created using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Adobe PDF packages, and if you happen to receive an important document in such a format, while away from your desk, this app could come in handy. The app even connects to Google Docs, and allows you to edit them.

Spell Checker PRO

We all make spelling mistakes, it’s a fact. If you’re a repeat offender, or if you work with several languages, you could do worse than to get this app, which supports a very wide range of languages and lets you input words for checking via text, and via voice.

Newspapers UK PRO

Whether you are a journalist  or not, it can be handy to stay on top of what’s happening in your line of work. This app collates a wealth of national and local mobile versions of newspapers from the UK, and lets you view them without adverts, simple and very effective.

If you’re a journalist, hopefully these apps will take care of the to-do lists and a range of tools you need to do your job, and leave you to improve your writing skills. How else can you use your phone or Android device to help you work?

Owain Jevons is an enthusiastic young PR and  blogger for GKBCinc.com, with specific experience in science communications. 

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