7 Ways To Get More Out Of Online Photo Storage

Online photo storage sounds like a simple concept, but it is up to the user to determine how beneficial the experience really is.  There are a variety of simple tasks which allows users to get significantly more out of their experience with online photo storage.  “Getting more” out of an online photo storage solution means saving time while gaining maximum utility.

Take Time to Get Organized

The easiest way to get more out of online photo storage is by staying organized.  Every online photo storage provider creates a set of default files meant to speed up the initial uploading process.  Before uploading photos, take a look at the default settings to see if any customizations which can be made.

Always Save Originals

It has become common for digital photos to be manipulated at some point.  This could be something simple like getting rid of the dreaded “red eyes” or a more complicated touch-up.  Regardless of what is done, it is important to always save the original.  This provides a built-in backup photo, even if the modified version is stored as well.

Automatically Save Photos after Editing

Along with storing the original, choosing an online photo storage solution which automatically saves photos after they are altered is beneficial.  The easiest way to accomplish this is by selecting a service which allows for automatic syncing.  Anytime an image is modified, the auto sync function will automatically add the new version to the online photo storage account.  If versioning is available, the provider will store multiple copies of the same image.  This is perfect for people who like to experiment with their image manipulation.

Selectively Share Photos as Needed

Some people who use online photo storage also upload images to photo sharing sites in order to allow family and friends to see them.  To get the most out of an online photo storage solution it is important to select a provider which allows users to share images directly from their account.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways depending on the available set of features.

Sync Account with Multiple Devices

A common inconvenience found in some online photo storage solutions is device compatibility problems.  Photos are found on every device ranging from PCs to smart phones.  Syncing provides a wealth of benefits, but not if all of the images must be transferred to a central device.  To get the most out of an online photo storage solution, every device which contains images should be synced to a single account.

Free Up Space on PCs and Mobile Devices

While some people use online photo storage sites solely for backup purposes, others use it to free up space on their devices.  There are certainly some photos which should be stored on multiple devices to preserve them; however there are also a variety of photos which do not require duplicate copies.  Any images which can be deleted should be deleted.

Don’t Overpay for Unused Space

The final way to get the most out of an online photo storage service is by not overpaying for unused space.  Service providers have created multiple tiers which allow users to upgrade for additional storage space as needed.  There’s no reason to pay for an excessive amount of unused space when upgrading is so easy.

Online photo storage is an incredibly valuable and useful resource for anyone who stores digital images.  The key is to take simple and effective steps towards getting the most out of the provided space with the minimal amount of effort.

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