5 Websites That Will Teach Your Children About Money And Savings

Money education is one of the hardest, yet crucial elements of upbringing.

If you need help education your kids about money, here are 5 awesome websites that help teach kids how to manage money while having fun!

1. Credit Card Finder

This site contains lots of information and tools about money for adults – besides, it offers a few entertaining and interactive tools for kids. Consider playing this Educational Online Credit Card Simulator Game to get your kids involved in the spending planning. Don’t forget to check out this guide on educating your kids about money as well.

Credit Card Finder

2. KidsBank

An interactive online storybook written by bankers probably doesn’t sound too exciting. But this is a great way for parents to explain where money goes when they put it in a savings account, and how that account works. If you are planning on opening one for your child, I would recommend letting them read this story so they can see for themselves what to expect.

3. BizKids


This one is a show, mainly. Kids explain in their own terms financial and saving advice that is relevant to them and others their age. They do this with a mix of facts and humor that can be very entertaining to watch. They also link to games and resources, and there is an adult section for teachers and parents who want full lesson plans

4. Practical Money Skills

If you want to find something that is really for anybody, then this one is for you. It even advertises itself as a financial advice site for any age, and it delivers on that promise. You can find articles, calculators and resources for adults, college and savings info for teens and a ton of games and challenges. They also have a section that covers various life events that are major financial situations, such as college, having a baby, getting credit scores, the first car or home mortgage.

5. Rich Kid Smart Kid

Rich Kid Smart Kid

It is never too early to learn good money management skills and business savvy. This website is based around two mice, Toki and Reno. Toki comes from a rich family and her father has taught her a number of financial lessons. She has set out to teach Reno and other children these lessons through  games. There is also a “Grown Ups” page with links to resources for them.

Do you have any financial sites for kids to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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