5 Useful iPad Apps for Teachers

Recently, the iPad has become a popular device used during classroom instruction. The great thing about the iPad is that not only is everything teachers need right there in their hands, but teachers also save money and the environment by not having to use paper that is thrown away most of the time right after use. There are also plenty of apps that are very useful for teachers when using the iPad during instruction. Here are 5 of the best:



The Letterschool app is a great app for students who are learning how to write the letters of the alphabet. This app also makes instruction easier for teachers. Many teachers like to use this app as a study tool or as a game. Students can come up and show that they know how to write the letters on the iPad, after using the the guiding tools taught in the app. This app encourages students to solve, pronounce, and be able to write different letters and eventually words.




With the Mathboard app, students are able to work out math problems just like many did back in the day on the chalkboard. Since students are now learning everything with technology, the Mathboard app can make learning seem more like old school. With this app teachers are able to customize the learning skill level. Not only can students learn addition and subtraction, but also multiplication and division. Teachers can even customize their own quizzes for students at the difficulty level needed. This is a great tool for teachers to use in math class, or even as a game during class time, allowing students to have fun and learn at the same time.

Teacher Assistant Pro


This app is great for teachers who like to keep track of students’ activity. The Teacher Assistant Pro app allows teachers to track students behavior, achievements, and infractions in a matter of seconds. This is great for teachers who sometimes feel overwhelmed with paperwork and would rather simply enter information about students into their iPad. This is also a great app to use during parent teacher conferences. Parents will be able to know exactly where their child stands as to how they are performing in class based on what the teacher has recorded.

Free Books

The Free Books app is a wonderful tool for teachers to use in the class room. Teachers can find different poems, articles, speeches, stories, and even more – all for free. The great thing about this app is that not only do you get it for free, but teachers also save the school money by saving paper instead of printing off enough for the classroom. Instead, everything is right in front of you, and it makes it even better with the fact that it is electronic and easy to find and access. Teachers can also use this app for themselves if they personally want to learn more about a certain topic. All they have to do is search for a book and download it for free instead of wasting money or trying to find something online.

Magic Piano

With the magic piano app, teachers and schools can save a lot of money as well as making the teaching job much easier. Students can learn how to play the keyboard and piano, all on the iPad! This app offers sheet music, for many different types of music, and the students can easily follow the lighting instruction on the keyboard. This is a great learning tool that can easily be used in not only the classroom but even in the comfort of ones own home.

Linda Fraidy is a school administrator and guest author at Best Masters in Education, where she contributed to the roundup of 15 Great iPad Apps for Teachers.


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