5 Instagram Features You Really Need To Know About…

Wow! That sunset is gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s so surreal that you want to share it with your friends – and the world. Yes, the photo may have been taken with your phone’s camera right before you walked into the Krispy Kreme, but – regardless of your photography experience or level – the world has to see this sunset.

You have two choices: let it spoil in your camera roll or give it an online presence. Here’s an idea: upload it to a large photography album, known as Instagram, which is seen by millions, and sit back and wait for compliments and praise for the eye candy you just presented to the world.

Whether you are an amateur – like most of us – or Jay Maisel, Instagram allows you to communicate through photographs. You can filter your photos to add creativity and character, but some photos such as the sunset do not need a filter for nature’s elegance and composition is untouchable.

After you filter your photos, add a caption. Fellow Instagrammers have the option of following your “personal photo album” and can double tap photos they love. Instagram also allows you to add hash tag phrases or words to your captions. For example, the sunset could be #beautifulsunset. It will then automatically be transformed into a link. Follow the link and millions of photos of beautiful sunsets will appear.

Promote and advertise all your photos with the hash tag feature, and you may get a like from your best friend or from an Instagrammer in Thailand. It’s simple and fast. Snap it, caption it, tag it. They’ll love it. Here is an in-depth analysis of 5 Instagram features you really need to know about.

1. Filters

Filters are a great way to turn a boring old photo into a beautiful masterpiece you can be proud of – or to cover up that blemish that doesn’t want to hit the road. You start out by taking or upload a photo from your phone, once it loads, you will be prompted with filters. Each filter alters your photograph in a different way.

Generally, it is the saturation that is being altered. Each filter has its own name, such as the Inkwell, Hudson, Brannan or Kelvin. A cool filter is 1977 in which photos appear as they were taken in that time range. The filter feature also allows you to add or remove a frame. Frames, which surround the photo, can be black or white and make photos look fun and stylish. The filter is like your own little editing software so you can perfect each photo you take before you expose it to the world.

2. The popular page

The popular page is what one would call very popular. It is compilation of popular photos being uploaded on Instagram. It can be found under the explore page. The explore page is found by clicking the icon that resembles an eight-sided star. Photos that appear on the popular page viewed by a numerous and diverse pool of Instagrammers.

It is not uncommon for photos of celebrities to be appear on the popular page. With large fan bases a lot of celebrity photos shoot straight to the popular page. If you have a small fan base, do not feel discouraged, as you may still have a shot on the popular page. Instagram creates a formula that allows new users with small fan bases to still have the ability to make it to the most popular.

3. Hash tags

Hash tags are awesome little features. Once you upload a photo you have the option of creating a hash tag that describes your photo. For example, if you post a photo of you at the beach, you can add hash tags such as #beach, #beautifulweather, #sunset or #greattime. You can add just one hash tag or as many as your heart desires.

Once you create a hash tag it is automatically turned into a link. When you click on the link it will send you to all photos that share the same link. You can search hash tags, which is fun because you can find people that share similar hobbies to you and follow them.

4. The photomap

A relatively new feature, the photomap is being constantly updated and improved. Each user has their own photomap in which photos can be viewed through the map. This is idea if you enjoy traveling and like snapping photos on the go. You can show followers where you have been or explore where followers have been.

Photos are easy to add and your phone will coordinate where on the map you are. The photomap is fun and very interactive. Your followers will never wonder where you are and you can show off without bragging. Don’t be shy. Pull up those old photos of you in Cancun and post away!

5. Followers and all about them

Unlike adding friends on Facebook, Instagram has followers. Family and friends have the option following you and you can follow back. You can either set your Instagram on public or private. On public, anyone can follow you and view your photos. On private, you must approve who can follow you and photos cannot be viewed until a follower wannabe has been approved by you. Have followers is fun because this is what you newsfeed is made of.

Photos uploaded by people you follow are what will appear on your newsfeed. You can follow your close friends to keep in touch and watch their kids grow up through photographs. You can also follow your favorite celebrities and see what they are up to on a daily basis.

Instagram is very popular among celebrities as it is a great way to stay in touch with fans. Instagram allows your approved followers to comment and like your photos. Comments are fun ways to get feedback or compliments on photos you post. To easily like a photo, you can just double tap your screen and presto!

Christie Mason loves social media and thinks that Instragram is an integral part of that. She is also an avid Android user, and tech writer who recommends great games and sites, like OneClickRoot.com for anyone who wants to use their Android device better.

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