5 Great Restaurant Guide Apps for Food Lovers

Do you love to dine out? Then why not use your smartphone to find the best restaurants? Whether you want to see pictures of the food restaurants have to offer or want to see if a restaurant is sanitary, you can use your smartphone to find some of the best dining spots. The following are just five great restaurant guide apps for food lovers.

Ness Dining Guide – FREE

The Ness Dining Guide app is very similar to a service like Netflix in that it uses your restaurant ratings to recommend more restaurants you may like. You can also view the restaurants your Facebook and Foursquare friends have been too. Another fun feature is that the app will take your ratings and give you a percentage rating from 0-100% on restaurants you haven’t been to. This score will tell you how likely you are to like the restaurant.

Foodspotting – FREE

It’s said that we eat with our eyes. If that’s true, the Foodspotting app will make you very hungry as you view pictures of the dishes along with ratings from the restaurants in your area. What’s unique about this app, besides the pictures, is that people can rate the dishes, not just the restaurants. This is great because while a seafood restaurant may have excellent lobster, their prime rib may be awful.

Urbanspoon – FREE

Urbanspoon is a favorite among foodies because of its unique slot machine feature. All you have to do is open the app and give your phone a shake and the app will suggest a restaurant. It’s a wonderful way to try something new. Best of all, you can make reservations through the app. You can also see what friends have to say about local restaurants and browse the restaurants in your area.

DiningGrades – FREE

While you’d like to believe that all restaurants are sanitary, the truth is they aren’t. This app gives you the inside scoop on which restaurants are clean and which ones are downright nasty. The app rates a restaurant’s cleanliness score based on diner comments. The app also has other features to help you find the closest restaurants and even calculate tips.

VegOut – $2.99

Last, but not least, if you’re a vegetarian, you will love this app. The app will give you a list of vegetarian, vegan, vegetarian-friendly restaurants based on your location, but you can also search for restaurants in other areas if you’ll be traveling.

Whether you want to find a new restaurant or see pictures of the food being offered at restaurants, these apps make dining out much more enjoyable.

Marcel Fehl loves food and loves reviewing restaurant related apps, ranging from AmburApp.com’s ipad pos solution for restaurant owners to simple food guides for the layperson!

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