5 Facebook Pages To ‘Like’ For Travel Deals

Everything about travel is great…except the cost. Admit it, every time you book those trips, or set an itinerary, or go over your budget you find yourself cringing. Even when you go to a cheap location you are likely to be spending a fair bit of dough. Just a week out of the country can run you thousands of dollars, with a quarter of that in the flight alone.

There is no way to truly travel on the cheap. But you can lessen the cost by a significant amount if you do your homework and scrounge up some special offers and discounts first. These five Facebook pages are good places to check out and ‘like’ in order to get good travel deals when you find them. It isn’t rare to save hundreds of dollars a trip by keeping up with these pages.

1. Best Travel Deals

Best Travel Deals

This is a must-follow page for anyone who travels, whether they are gritty, down to Earth backpackers, or luxury vacation seekers. Not only do they provide amazing deals on resorts, hotels and all inclusive packages. They also link to deals on flights, condos, cheap vacation activities and a lot more. Those who usually go the super cheap route might find themselves able to get a much better quality holiday for a similar price using these deals. For example, Ireland trips for just $399 and up, or Washington DC hotels for as little as $58 per night.

2. Christopher Elliot

Christopher Elliot

National Geographic journalist Christopher Elliot is a bit controversial, especially in his views on topics like the TSA. He is also not someone who posts actual deals or discounts. So why is he on this list? Because he is a highly experienced traveler and travel writer who knows all about the pitfalls in the industry and how they can cost people (especially families) money. He helps readers navigate these threats to their wallets, and avoid being exploited by travel agencies, airlines, hotels and others. Mainly through making them aware of what are are not “normal” fees and inconveniences.

3. @TravelDeals


Two for one airline seats, spas and hotels for half off, lists on the top ten places to visit in any location on a budget…these are just some of what you will find on this page. What makes them unique is that they don’t go around posting every single travel deal on the web. In fact, they only post every few days. But that is because they choose to filter out deals to only provide the best or most unique ones. They recognize that often “discounts” are nothing more than a lesser price that will be bumped back up with hidden fees, or just not that beneficial to the average traveler.

4. Discount Travel/Getaway Deals

Discount Travel/Getaway Deals

Every couple of weeks there will be a flurry of activity on this page with a number of great deals around the world. Their appeal is that the deals they offer are only 50% or more off, nothing below that amount. So they can give the very cheapest deals possible, usually on camping or active style activities. They also have a blog, so be sure to check that out. It is updated more frequently. You can contact them for more information on cruises, as well. But they don’t have any deals included for flights, and so cannot offer advice or links to discounts on airfare.

5. GoLastMinute


Last minute booking can be risky, but also rewarding in many cases. Airlines, hotels, resorts, rental agencies and cruise ships will often take a fraction of the cost to get rid of open slots that would otherwise make them no money at all. Go Last Minute is a popular site for finding these deals, and they are also a great Facebook page for the same discounts. They also post pretty photos and information about interesting places all over the world that you may have never considered traveling to before. Making them both a good deal page, and also a wonderful place for inspiration.

Know of any good Facebook pages for travel deals? We would love to hear about them. Let us know in the comments!

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