5 Excellent Android Apps for Good Health and Fitness

After finding hundreds of apps online for health and fitness I finally chose 5 android apps which I personally liked a lot. I am sure these apps will benefit anyone trying to get fit and stay healthy.

1. Honest Label

This app provides colour coded information about products in a grocery store. The information is clear and the app can be personalized to enable a person to avoid unwanted ingredients. In a grocery store scan a barcode with the smartphone and an interactive label will reflect the individual needs.

2. CardioTrainer + Resolutions

This app helps track activities such as walking, biking, running etc. It has a “New Year’s Resolution Edition” which keeps the user motivated. You can make a resolution and if you keep it you get your money back or else it is donated to charity.

3.  LiftPro3

Fitness Training : This is a powerful fitness app which manages workout activities. It allows the user to track and maintain all exercise. It also provides diagrams which help the users to learn the exercises.

4. Nike BOOM

This app syncs your selected music to your dynamic training workouts, simultaneously providing coaches motivation along the way. The user can choose the type of workout, length of training and then get to work.

5. Smoothie Recipes

This app provides 100 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes. It also has ideas for making ones own mocktails. The best part is it provides the calorie content as well.

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    Awesome, thanks for the apps, I love them all.