5 Best Android Apps for Improved Online Productivity

Android devices have now officially overtaken Apple OS devices in terms of popularity, which is owing largely to the cross platform nature of Android which means that no matter what device you buy there’s a good change it has Android installed if it’s fairly mobile. For bloggers and webmasters this is the operating system of choice for running an online empire and the vast amount of software on it can be hugely beneficial from a productivity point of view. Here we will look at some of that software, and what the best pieces of kit are to install if you want to improve your online productivity.

Writers’ Touch Type Keyboard: One of the big advantages of Android is that it’s far more ‘open’ a system than is Apple and this means it allows you to change some of the bare bones mechanics of the user interface itself – including things like the keyboard. Writers’ Touch Type keyboard is one of the largest keyboards on the market and while it doesn’t have any bells and whistles other than keys shaped to reflect how often they are used (big ‘E’, tiny ‘Z’) that’s all the features it needs to make it one of the fastest ways to type on the phone – especially if you have something large like the Galaxy Note.

QuickOffice Pro: But what’s a fast keyboard if you don’t have anywhere to type? QuickOffice Pro will allow you to view and edit most of your documents from Word files to Excel, and while it’s light on features, it’s also very quick and highly reliable.

DropBox: DropBox nicely completes this little triumvirate, giving you a single folder up to 2GB into which you can drag and drop files to share with any other device you wish. This is incredibly handy if you are working on a joint project and says goodbye to the need for e-mail attachments, but at the same time it also means you don’t need to plug your phone into your computer anymore to share files. Highly useful.

WordPress: if your website or blog uses WordPress then this will give you the ability to upload new posts and photographs no matter where you are as long as you have your phone with you. This means that being stuck in a queue no longer has to be a waste of time – instead it’s an opportunity for you to upload new articles.

ES File Explore: This is by far the most functional file explorer on Android and you really couldn’t ask for more. Not only does it let you do anything you need to do with your files, it also has a range of personalization options so you can change the background of folders, the ability to view and unzip compressed files, and even FTP to let you access your server and edit your website files.

And the Award for Least Productive App:

Germination: Of course to round this off, there are some apps out there that will sap your time and use up your precious resources. Germination: Platform Puzzles is one of the most addictive games on the market challenging you to complete a number of highly complex puzzles while controlling a friendly little ‘alien bacteria’ in a colourful world. It really does test your brain… but aren’t there other things you should be doing instead?

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