5 Amazing IPhone Apps That Will Take The Pain Out Of Parking

When was the last time you couldn’t find a parking space?

Have you ever received a ticket because you couldn’t get back to your car in time?

Parking is one of those things everyone loves to hate, but it might not be for much longer because we’re going to look at some iPhone apps that will take the pain out of parking from now on.

Central Parking

If you have your GPS switched on this helpful app will tell you where the nearest parking facility is in your area and it will guide you there. Even without GPS it will still let you search for one manually which means you’ll never be driving around needlessly for hours. It works in over 50 cities across the country so hopefully there will be one close to you. The app can also get you discounts by generating mobile coupons you can show to the parking attendant at the facility you choose.


Parker works in quite a lot of US cities at the moment and it will expand in the future. It’s packed full of thousands of parking lots and garages and it will know when there are spaces in any of them. Once you choose somewhere with spaces near you it will give you directions to get there. You will also be able to find out how much parking costs, when it opens and closes, plus what payment options are available. For anyone who is forgetful it will also give you directions back to your car.

Valet Magic

When you want to use a valet service it’s sometimes annoying because you always need to remember to carry cash with you. Now you won’t have to do that because the Valet Magic app will let you pick up your ticket electronically. When you’re getting bored and you want to go home you can press a button and someone will have your car waiting for you outside. There is also an interface where you’ll be able to pay and leave a tip through your phone which speeds everything up.

Find My Car

Are you one of those people who finds it impossible to get back to their car after leaving it on some random street? You might find the Find My Car app useful because it’s been designed exactly for this purpose. As soon as you park somewhere you can pinpoint the location on the map and you will know the quickest route back to your car as soon as you’ve finished your business. Just don’t ignore where you’ve parked because if you can’t access the internet for some reason you’ll be on your own.

Parking Mate

This app will do everything within its power to make sure you don’t end up with a ticket or a towed car. Once you get a ticket you can ask the app to remind you when it’s about to expire because you know it’s going to get a ticket if you’re a minute late. You can add parking rules for areas you have previously parked in so you know right away if it’s okay to park there again at certain times. Another feature you might like is the fact it will notify you when it’s getting close to a certain time where you’re not allowed to park somewhere anymore.

Never Waste Time Again

It’s bad enough being stuck in terrible traffic, but when you’re so close to your final destination and you can’t even find a parking space you feel like your head is about to explode. Hopefully some of these apps will be able to make life easier for you because of the great features they contain. You might not need to use all of them, but remember to test out the ones you do like the look of.

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for Park N Jet, leaders in airport parking facilities in Seattle. She is passionate about driving and enjoys going on short trips to exotic locations. You can follow Nancy @Nancy_Baker_.

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