4 Ways to Use Twitter Favorites

Twitter has a hundred different uses. But one of the more ignored features by many users is the ‘favorites’ feed. This keeps track of all your favorite marked tweets, from both yourself and the people you follow. It creates a stream that can be viewed with only those posts, instead of searching through the many others littering your account.

If you aren’t using the favorites option as of yet, then you are missing out. Not only can it be a cool way to keep track of the posts you love, but thanks to these four tools you can get even more from your faves.


The most common reason I hear from people who have professional accounts for not using faves is the fact that they are on shared profiles. Usually it will be under the name of a blog or business, or they hire other people to help them run their social media.

Where this can be navigated around is through a service like Laterstars. You simply sign in by syncing your Twitter account, and then save posts through the site, not your profile. You can then log in any time to get those posts, manage them, or even look at the most popular links from other members. Great one for Twitter Productivity!

Favorite Widget

This is an official tool from Twitter that people frequently miss. It creates a website widget for related faves. You have probably seen these widgets on many websites you go to, constantly updating with live feed from the site.

All you have to do is fill in the necessary settings. Then you save it and finish it, getting the code. This code is then put into your coding of the site itself. You can change the dimensions to whatever you like, so it will be the proper size for your sidebar. Just keep in mind that the widget won’t adjust in the preview box, so it might take a little trial and error to get the correct dimensions.


Having a proper backup of search results, Twitter posts and faves is important if you are a frequent social media user. But Twitter is notoriously bad in this regard, which isn’t their fault. It all has to do with the live nature of their algorithm, and the inability to keep data for more than a month without overwhelming their servers.

That means your backups are completely your responsibility. Which just got easier with Twdocs. Not the best name out there, it is still one of the best free programs. They allow you to back up your info and then convert it to a PDF, DOC, XML, CSV, TXT, XLS or HTML file.

WiseStamp (Add RSS feed of favorites)

This is one of my favorite tools on the web, hands down. It works by allowing you to add interactive or life feed email signatures. It is used to promote yourself, your site or your updates, and definitely spices an email up.

It can work for you and your faves by sending the actual RSS feed of your faves section in the signature. This will allow people to always see what it is you are faving from yourself and others right from the emails you send.


Using your fave section is incredibly useful for any Twitter user. But these tools can help you to really get the most out of it. Especially if you have a shared profile for professional purposes, or just have to better market yourself. It is a quick way to get both done, without putting in too much effort.

What are you favorite tools to enhance the proficiency of Twitter’s favorites feature? Let us know in the comments!

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