4 Trusty IOS Apps For The SEO-savvy Business Owner

It doesn’t need to be told twice that every business MUST have a good website too. And for every good website to succeed, it needs good SEO. Now, we know this is some tricky territory, especially if you are a small business owner. After all, how do you know who’s the right guy for the job? Plus, there’s always that limit on the budget. But, don’t give up just yet.

As long as you have your iPhone/iPad close at hand, you don’t need to go looking anywhere else. All you need is these four trusty apps.


6_1Google Analytics is like the Central Nervous System of SEO. You’re as bad as being lost out in a mysterious desert all by yourself without a map or GPS. But, we don’t need to tell you this, because if you’ve already stepped into the world of SEO, SMM and anything related to digital marketing, you already got your Ga: 101 in place. The GA dashboard, however, is that little magic charm which gives your whole analytics plan an extra boost. GAnalytics is more of a plugin than an app, but that doesn’t even matter consider its high rate of efficiency. It lists down all your Google Analytics data in a neat and systematic format, so multi-tasking is easy too. You get to see your visitors in real time; you can set target values for each day and track your progress. In addition, you can also monitor your website’s overall performance without you having to actually do anything. Plus, it shows you page views, visits, conversions and total goal value. And the best part is, all of this and so much more is listed on just one page.

Website SEO Analyzer

9_1This is a great app for those who are just starting out into the whole digital marketing thing on their own. Website SEO Analyzer helps you get a detailed report on your website’s SEO progress; all you have to do is enter your domain name. Its diagnostic analysis will show the areas in your website that need to be worked on to be better fine-tuned to your optimization efforts. It gives you a full report that includes details like the age of the website, its location, the indexed pages, meta data, page headings, alt tags, etc. It’s super-simple, completely free and pretty much your best friend when it comes to on-the-go SEO.


7As a website owner or web developer, you will also have to manage blogs. This will involve a lot of writing, editing and optimizing. You don’t have to rely on your desktop to get this done, when there is a WordPress app for your iPhone/iPad, and it works as beautifully as the desktop version. Of course, working through the computer will always score more on the efficiency, however, through this app you can do all the basic maintenance work, view stats, add images and even write blog posts without much hassle.

AdWords and SEO Secrets

8AdWords and SEO Secrets is the perfect guide for beginners and a challenging step-ladder for those looking to advance their know-how. The app comes with a neat tutorial and videos from experts in the industry. It tells you how to optimize the backlinks and boost CTR. It will also give you regular guidance on how to tweak your SEO campaign for maximum benefits. For those on the advanced level, there are various tricks, tools and lessons, which will help you take it to the next level.

Of course, there is a multitude of apps out there that make every step of your digital campaign easy and fruitful. Start with these, and soon you can get to dishing out lessons to others out there.

This article is authored by John Miller, an employee at Webfirm, a leading SEO company. John is an avid comic book reader and is a regular feature at local comic conventions.

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