4 Mobile Apps To Keep Your Skin Beautiful This Summer

Keeping your skin healthy means staying hydrated, preventing sunburn and identifying dangerous skin conditions. These four mobile apps can help you do that this summer.

Healthy Skin by Dermatologists

Available at Google Play and iTunes

This free app provides information about common skin disorders and skin health. It allows users to search any type of skin condition to get more information. The app is useful to anyone who wants skin is not only healthy, but also well cared for.

Water Your Body

Available at Google Play and iTunes

Dermatologists can’t tell you often enough that keeping hydrated keeps your skin protected and beautiful. This app is perfect for those who forget to drink water. It reminds users to drink water every day and tracks your drinking habits. Users need to enter their current weight and the app will tell you how much water your body needs per day. When you drink a cup of water, you need to use the app to “add a cup” to the program.

Over 7,000 Android users with an average rating of four and a half stars rate this app five stars. Most users love this app and its ability to set reminders as an extremely effective way of reminding them to drink water regularly.

Skin Care Guide

Available at Google Play and iTunes

Apple’s Skin Care Guide costs $0.99 and allows users to explore skin treatments and basic skin care to help improve conditions including sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne and skin cancer. You may also find information about cosmetic procedures and basic, proper skin care. Android’s version of this app is free and most people find it very useful in helping to treat skin conditions.


Available at Google Play and iTunes

iTriage, an app created by two emergency room doctors, helps you to answer questions about the need for treatment. The app has five stars from almost 36,000 users and boasts a four and a half star rating from millions of users located across 80 countries. It allows users to find a doctor quickly, has references of thousands of medical symptoms, medications, diseases, procedures, conditions and drugs, average wait times for local hospitals, emergency hotlines and more.

The app is free in both the Apple store and on the Android market, but users must be of a medium maturity rating due to potential drug information, nudity and other such adult-related topics. It covers millions of conditions and diseases in existence, and developers are continuously working to add new information. They offer an email address so users can contact them with requests for content to be added.

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