4 iPhone Apps that Simulate a Plastic Surgery

Thinking about undergoing plastic surgery? Perhaps you’re simply curious about the modern phenomenon of breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction sweeping first world nations? No matter your interest in the subject, modern technology makes it possible for anyone to not only learn about the processes involved in plastic surgery, but to see it firsthand via video and models.

Take the aforementioned technology one step further and you can be sure that, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that. Sure enough, users of the Apple iPhone can get a close-up look at a variety of cosmetic procedures by using these four apps that simulate a plastic surgery:

1. iAugment


If you’re in the market for breast enhancement surgery, a clever app dubbed iAugment has the tools needed to give you a realistic look at the future, augmented you. iAugment allows its users to snap a photo of themselves and then manipulate the chest using a variety of tools in order to “test” different sized breast implants. The results are simply magnified but the effect is not wasted, looking realistic enough to give at least a worthwhile snapshot of how different sized breasts could appear on an individual’s frame.

2. Thin Me Bariatric Surgery App

Thin Me Bariatric Surgery App

In a fashion similar to iAugment, the Thin Me Bariatric Surgery app allows people interested in losing significant weight by means of surgery to preview what their bodies will look like without the excess weight that bariatric surgery can remove.

Beyond simple gratuitous imaging, the app also provides potential patients with information and links to resources that will educate them on their weight-loss options, focusing in particular on heavy lifting (some of it literal) that is required pre- and post-surgery in order to ease into a permanently healthy lifestyle.

3. Boost Your Beauty by Allure Medical Spa

Boost Your Beauty by Allure Medical Spa

The folks at Allure Medical Spa, a treatment center offering various forms of cosmetically enhancing surgery, provide the Boost Your Beauty app to give potential patients a look at the way that different plastic surgeries will affect their look. From eyebrow raising to botox injections, this app will modify any uploaded photo in order to provide a preview, helping users get to know resident staff at the same time, all in preparation for an eventual visit to Allure.

4. Heidi Yourself by Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

Heidi Yourself by Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

Named after MTV reality television star Heidi Montag, a self-professed cosmetic surgery addict, the Heidi Yourself app for iPhone is a joint venture between MTV UK, a British television studio, and the Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Clinic. Like the apps outlined above, this one allows users to manipulate photographs in an effort to preview the effect that various forms of plastic surgery will have on their face and physique, even allowing for one-touch Facebook sharing to show your friends and family what you’ve created.


Cosmetic surgery, like any medical procedure, is nothing to take lightly and these iPhone apps are just one form of technology helping patients to become better informed during their consideration period. Physical hopes aside, always remember to commit time to research the clinic, the liposuction cost and the doctor most suited to your needs, keeping a close eye on your health throughout and helping you to be the best, most beautifully unique you possible!

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