4 Insurance Calculators for iPhone

Having an iPhone means having a virtual digital assistant on hand every time you need it, with a wide range of services covered by an even wider range of apps. Whether you need to crunch numbers, take notes or kill time, as the saying goes: there’s an app for that.

Thankfully for those looking to figure out their insurance policies, the computer that powers the iPhone is, of course, an excellent mathematician. The next time you’re looking to better understand the numbers behind your insurance policies, check out these four insurance calculators for iPhone.

1. Life Insurance Calculator

Life Insurance Calculator

The first step in obtaining life insurance is determining just how much coverage your life’s circumstances require and this handy iPhone app provides personalized answers with minimal input. Simply enter values for the app’s questions regarding your family, income, home, property and personal details and it will return an overview of how much life insurance coverage you should have and why.

While it serves as only one step in obtaining life insurance, the use of this app is sure to promote that first conversation with loved ones and professionals that will get you on track to purchasing the best possible life insurance policy for you and your family.

2. Contents Calculator for Homeowners Insurance

Contents Calculator for Homeowners Insurance

Knowing just how much your home and its contents are worth is crucial in the face of an unexpected tragedy like a fire and the iPhone can prove very useful to tracking those valuable items with the Contents Calculator app from Hiscox Insurance.

Whether you are only just purchasing homeowners insurance or you are well-covered but in need of tracking your belongings, the Hiscox Insurance Contents Calculator app is an excellent tool to easily take stock of not only what you own, but what it’s worth, as well. Well-organized and easy to navigate, the app allows you to group contents by room or area and type of item by default with the option to create new categories available in order to allow you to personalize the experience.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is well-insured begins with understanding the value of everything it contains and the Contents Calculator app is the best iPhone tool to get you started!

3. Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims App

Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims App

Intended for customers of Liberty Mutual but offering a useful service to insurance holders with any auto insurance provider, the Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims app promises to be your best friend in the case of a road accident, helping to guide you through the information gathering and claims process instantly and on the scene.

This app provides all of the tools necessary to ensure that your side of the story is fleshed out in detail by mapping your location using GPS, helping you to take pictures of the damages incurred, holding fields for the input of other involved drivers’ contact details and providing a tool to take voice notes, allowing you to remember even the most fleeting details only moments after the accident has taken place. To top it all off, an included rate calculator will help you to better understand the way that your accident will affect your future rates.

Customers of Liberty Mutual will enjoy the added benefit of having their policy directly connected to the app, adding to the above list of features the ability to view and modify their policy while on the go.

4. AXA Financial Toolset

AXA Financial Toolset

Made by the same company behind the previously outlined Life Insurance Calculator app for iPhone, the Financial Toolset app by AXA simply accentuates that calculator with other handy financial tools in order to help you to consolidate your iPhone financial management efforts.

The tools provided in this app include additional calculators for retirement savings, retirement shortfalls, life expectancy and college savings, helping you to quickly and easily track your entire financial existence, even while on the go.

The collection is courtesy of autoinsurancequotes.net. Do you have any more to add to the list?

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