3 Must-Have Free Photography Apps For Android Smartphones

With the successive launches of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean, Google has ensured that the Android operating system is a legitimate contender to Apple’s iOS. In the past, Android smartphone users often complained about the lack of good apps. By contrast, the iTunes store had a treasure-trove of excellent apps. Google has addressed that issue by launching the completely revamped Play Store. Not only is the new app store more user-friendly, it is now packed with excellent apps. Sale figures for Android smartphones have been going through the roof and developers of many iOS-exclusive apps have taken the decision to go cross-platform. As a result, there is a massive influx of tried-and-tested apps that help you explore the full potential of your Android powered device. Here are the 3 must-have photography apps for Android smartphones:

Color Splash FX

One of the first photography apps released for Android, Color Splash FX seems to get better with every new version. The highlight of the app is that allows you to convert any picture into black and white, while retaining colour in designated areas. Simply swiping your finger over the relevant areas reveals the colour and the ability to fine-tune the brush size means that you are in control all of the time. You can take a new picture or select an existing one from your gallery to work with, while managing multiple projects at the same time. As newer versions of the app are released, additional functions are added on which make Color Splash FX an essential app. While there is a paid ‘Pro’ version of the app available, the free version is packed with features and is sufficient for most users.


The default camera app on most Android phones usually does a good job taking photos. However, FXCamera allows you to take your smartphone’s photo-snapping abilities to a whole new level. The app lets you take pictures normally, as well as through various modes, such as ‘fisheye’ and ‘poster’. Even if you choose to take photos normally, the Auto-Enhance Feature allows you take pictures that are much better looking than if you had taken them with the regular camera app. Just like Color Splash FX, this app also lets you modify your photos via its extensive filter gallery. The one thing that makes FXCamera stand out from the other apps is its Timer function.


When Instagram first came out, it was a simple app designed to give your pictures a rustic look. Since then, Instagram has become a runaway success and is an established social-media tool. Select any photo and cycle through the various options to give the photo a retro look. Instagram lets you play around with the different options on offer while still being one of the most user-friendly photography apps. The number one reason why Instagram is so popular is the ease with which it integrates into other social-media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, making photo-sharing extremely easy.

The latest Android smartphones feature very impressive cameras and it would be a shame not to exploit their full potential. These three must-have photography apps help make you look like an ace photographer while proving that best things in life are, indeed, free.

Stuart Robinson is an avid photographer who regularly blogs about innovative photography tips. He recommends the services provided by photobooth.net.au that caters to your Photo booth requirements.

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    I’m pretty new with Instagram (2 month and 306 pics later). I came to iOS after ownnig roughly 5 Android devices in a 2 year span. IMO the cameras on Android devices fall short of what is produced by iPhone cameras (exceptions being the Droid Incredible which I though was close to/on par with my IPhone 4) With that said, my only concern is woth the quality of the pictures posted by some Android users.

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