3 Apps to Make an International Call

Although there is a multitude of apps on the Apple and Android markets, there is only a handful of decent apps that allow you to instantly place international calls. We have picked out three apps that we think are the best for the job. You should really consider downloading a calling app because it allows you to make international calls without needing a physical calling card and without upgrading your cell phone to an international plan. Therefore, if you frequently make international calls for your business, to call your family, or to keep in touch with friends, then using an app might prove to be less expensive and more convenient for you.

1. AT&T Call International Application

This app is available for Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices. The website lists all the rates, which are relatively low per minute rates, and they are competitive with those of independent calling card providers. Although there is a monthly fee, this app may be worth it for you if you are someone who makes frequent calls internationally for work. Also, if you have AT&T, it could end up being less expensive than changing your plan altogether.

2. Vonage Extensions App

This app is available for both Apple and Android devices. The downside to this app is that it is only available to existing Vonage customers, as an extension to their current phone service from the company. But it is a great deal because the calls are unlimited, or they offer low rates. You can use your normal contact address book to search for contacts to call, and you place the call directly from there. With this app, making an international call is no different than making a regular local call from a landline, except with this, you can use a smartphone or any Apple or Android device.

3. ComFi International Calling App

By far, this is the best app for making calls internationally. It is available for download on Apple smartphones and devices. This app is free to download, and it offers affordable international rates. Just for signing up, you receive a dollar of free calling credit to make your first call to anywhere in the world. When you dial a number including the country code and dialing code, that new international number becomes stored in your phone’s address book so that you do not need to have it memorized. You will only need to refill the money on the app after the free dollar, and you can begin making all kinds of international calls.

The great thing is ComFi’s rates. You can save up to 98% of what you would be normally paying from a normal calling card that you buy at a store, or directly from the calling card provider.

Country area codes are easy to find on ComFi’s website, in case you do not have the complete telephone number of the person whom you are trying to reach abroad.

In fact, ComFi offers another app that relates to this one. It is called ComFi Cell Prepaid Refill, if you have a pay as you go phone and need to refill it directly from your device instead of buying an expensive card from your provider. This app is available for Android.

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  1. Brian Zalewski says: - reply

    One question.. Why didn’t you list Skype? And which app is the cheapest to make international calls with? Besides Skype, Google Voice is another great alternative. Here is an article I wrote about it: http://thebestsites.com/sites/google-voice/

  2. Alok @ International Phone Call says: - reply

    Yes Brian, I am also agree with you Skype is one of the best and most popular service for calling and Google is also one of it.