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The Best Of British Breaks

British holiday resorts have faced a decline since the advent of the package holiday. With their associations with dodgy amusement arcades and dreary weather they offer much less than ten days in Majorca for about the same price. Well, that used to be the case anyway. Today the British holiday resort is once again coming [...]

1.66 Million Toyota Cars Recalled

The world’s largest car maker Toyota has just released a statement announcing that some 1.66 million cars around the world need to be recalled and repaired because there are safety concerns regarding the brakes and engines. This is not the first time Toyota has recalled their cars  within the past twelve months Toyota has already [...]

Micro Pig: Would I Need To Stop Eating Bacon?

For the past year the latest celebrity pet craze has evolved beyond those awful handbag dogs into something much cuter.  I have to say it: Micro pigs are so cute! I’ve always wanted to have a pig for a pet but thought they are too big for a flat, but the micro pig, or ‘teacup [...]

Compensation Claims from the U.S.A

When it comes to making compensation claims no one quite does it like the Americans. There has been a history of claiming compensation in the U.S. and some of the stories used to fill out the statements to make a claim and rather strange to say the least. This is not to say that the [...]

Alex Zanardi: An Inspiration to Disabled People Everywhere

Anyone that competes in motor racing is leaving themselves open to risk, by far and away the most dangerous form of sport in the world, drivers will often entrust their lives to the integrity of the carbon fiber and aluminum shells that surround them. Before being allowed to compete in any form of professional motorsport, [...]