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Meth Production and Mississippi’s OTC Drug Ban

By Jacob Maslow, Marketing Director of Allergy Be Gone. Have a stuffy nose from a cold, or mild allergy symptoms? Well, if you live in Mississippi you’ll have to see your doctor for a cold or allergy relief medication with pseudoephedrine as one of the ingredients. Sudafed, Zyrtec D, Mucinex D, Nyquil D, and Advil [...]

Fashion over Technology? The ‘Pink Effect’

Are women less able to grasp technology? Are men smarter?  Why is it that when they make computers specially marketed for women they focus so much on the colour and the matching bag and forget all about the specs? Are women being scammed? Are we paying more for the ‘pink effect’ and are left with [...]

Solar Power: A practical way to save your money

There is no doubt about it: the world is running out of its energy. We are using more power than our fossil fuels can sustain, and with a steeply rising population, one can see a dark and cold future for humanity. But, although normally inclined to cause destruction and evil, some of the world’s leading [...]

The Most Common Complaints Before, After, During Flights!

Everyone gets a little cranky before, after or during a flight. It’s common nature for someone to get a little wound up with all the waiting around, finding out your luggage has gone missing, or sitting next to a massive, huge ummm, passenger! So what are these complaints, and are they ones that mean anything [...]

Hollywood attracted by the Beautiful Pembrokeshire Coastline

Picture this: a ferocious battle, longboats on the beach being battered by the waves, a hail of arrow fired from the bows of skilled English archers descending in a horrifying whine towards their victims. This is justice in the style of Robin Hood, or more specifically the latest version of the saga starring Russell Crowe [...]

Battling big brother: The story of the electronic cigarette

Kate had been smoking for 27 years when she first came across the electronic cigarette. “I was browsing an online gadget shop,” she remembers. “I saw one and thought it must be a useless gimmick…” That didn’t stop her from first searching for more information – and then buying an early model. Switching Like thousands [...]

How to lose weight in retirement

Once you reach the age of retirement it should be a wonderful time in your life. This should be a time in which you enjoy all the activities which you never had time for while you were working. However, if you are like most of us you put on a little bit of weight through [...]

Trends and Possibilities: Analyzing the Self-Service Kiosk Marketplace

Self-service kiosks remain very popular because they allow companies to save money that might be needlessly spent. As technologies such as the iPad enter the marketplace, the kiosk market will continue to evolve and adapt. This article explores the future of the kiosk marketplace. Insights are provided by staff at Phoenix Kiosk. Where is the [...]

The most expensive pianos in the world

Piano’s are one of the most popular types of musical instrument and are well known for being one of the more expensive. For those lucky enough to own one, protecting it through home contents insurance is essential. As an evolution in design from the harpsichord (invented in the Middle Ages), the first piano was thought [...]

Dealing with the World Cup at Work

When the World Cup rolls around, you may find that your company’s overall internet usage at work creeps higher and higher as the competition gets fiercer between the teams. Your employees are not alone on their quest to find the latest information, as people across the world will be devotedly following the headlines too. Employee [...]