16 Apps to Help Stress Out College Students

College was the time of our lives, but it was stressful. Homework, exams and lack of money can take the fun out of the greatest times of our lives pretty quickly.

Did you know that 60% of college students say their stress level is higher than normal? And more than a quarter of those students say they’ve sought medical help (good for them!). So, what’s the main reason for this stress? Easy — Money. College tuition has skyrocketed in the past decade, and student loans are the number one thing adding to our nation’s debt.

So what’s a college student to do?

Juggling the demands of higher education and life’s other responsibilities can create challenges leading to additional stress for students. The ACA recently reported more than 80% of college students suffer from dangerous exhaustion by the end of their first year, which can make stress even worse.

College students have something else in common: They all have smartphones. And there’s an app for that.

Not for stress, specifically, but rather, ways to alleviate that stress.

This infographic proivdes 16 apps to help college students be more productive, more financially responsible and more.

Ryan Rousting is a college graduate who now works for Southern New Hampshire University.

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