10 Twitter Search Tools to Play With

Is there anything so addicting as Twitter? I know that I have spent way too much time there just today, though I justified it by saying I was researching for this post (secret fact: I wasn’t). However, I did have a great deal of fun messing around with these tools, some of which I had never used before but had heard of many times.

So for those fellow Twitter junkies who love a good tweet search, here are ten ways to make the feature work for you.

1. We Follow

We Follow

Created by Jeff Hodsdon, this is an excellent way to find the most popular Twitter profiles, hashtags and topics. You can even add yourself to the list, with just a single sync to your account. It will read tweets you post, see who follows you and who you follow, updates your profile and tweet on your behalf. I have used this tool many times to search out official profiles of famous tweeters, and avoid those frequent scammers that claim to be the real deal.

2. Twellow


You have probably heard of this one before, thanks to its use by many websites and companies. Basically, it is an advanced Twitter directory. You can find people based within your niche, with the main categories being Sports and Recreation, Entertainment, Society and Culture, News and Media, Health, Computers and Technology, Government and Education. You can even add yourself to the list, and the more followers you have the higher you will rate.

3. Tweet Find

Tweet Find

Looking to be part of a business oriented network with a focus on company/customer relations? This is a directory that was specifically built on that principle. You can browse by category, with everything from automobiles to web services posted. Or you can do a search for social listings and tools. You do have to login to search, but signing up is simple and free.

4. Tweet Grader

Tweet Grader

Don’t you wish you knew how influential you really are on Twitter? Now you can find out with a push of a button. Just put in your Twitter username and let the application do the rest. It will search out your followers, follows, updates, retweets and more. All to bring you a final grade that will show you the power of your social media presence.

5. Twiangulate


Because it is a mostly public network, Twitter is an incredible resource for graphing relationships or finding out the interests and influence of specific targets. The site itself says that Twiangulate can be used to find an ‘in’ at companies or find out what tweets will catch the attention of a business, find the link between industry players or find out your most influential followers. So it is a great tool.

6. FollowerWonk


This is one of the more popular social analytic tools for Twitter use. It is free and gathers all of the data on you and your followers, then gives you easy to read graphs and charts that explain your influence and analytics. This can help you better optimize your social media power.

7. PostPost


Do you want a way to make it easier to read through old tweets or organize your timeline? This streamlines content and makes it much simpler and faster to scroll through what the people you follow are posting. It is like having an organizer and your own personal Twitter search all in one.

8. Snapbird

Snapbird is a search enhancer that should be used along with the traditional website search engine. While Twitter allows you to search the public timeline, Snapbird goes further back than 10 days, lets you search through the tweets of people you follow, direct messages and even user favorites (from any user!).

9. Tweepz

Just Tweet It

This search engine is all about finding ‘interesting’ people on Twitter. You search by name, location or keyword, and it shows you users you might want to follow. It is pretty straight forward and basic. But it is a powerful search tool.

10. Just Tweet It

Discover other users in your industry or interest niche. Or just browse popular directories, blog posts or featured users. You can also find popular links being posted on Twitter right now, find recent news, get cool tools and find out what is trending.

Obviously, there are dozens of search tools for Twitter out there. If we missed one you think is a must-use, let us know in the comments!

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